酒は土佐酒 なかまにならんかね

Eligible members should be anyone who is at least 20 years old,
understands the Tosa Sake brand concept ‘TOSA SAKE NAKAMA’ and loves, drinks, promotes, and supports Tosa Sake.

■To be a certified ‘TOSA SAKE NAKAMA’ Member

‘TOSA SAKE NAKAMA’ membership is open to all provided that they are at least 20 years old and their contact information (name, address, telephone number and e-mail address) is registered to the Kochi Sake Brewers Association. The registree may self-appoint themselves or be recommended by member breweries and/or their employees, certified ‘Tosa Sake Advisors,’ and/or recognized ‘TOSA SAKE NAKAMA’ members. The most important condition here is that the nominee has a good understanding on the Tosa Sake brand concept ‘TOSA SAKE NAKAMA,’ loves, drinks, promotes, and supports Tosa Sake.
(A membership certificate and a member's badge will be given to members at the office of Kochi Sake Brewers Association for ¥300.)

■Special Benefits for ‘TOSA SAKE NAKAMA’ members

Get a membership certificate
(business card size).

■Handling of Private Information

All information given to Kochi Sake Brewers Association in relation to the membership to ‘TOSA SAKE NAKAMA’ will be strictly controlled by Kochi Sake Brewers Association and will not be used for any objectives other than those related to the activities of the ‘TOSA SAKE NAKAMA.’


‘TOSA SAKE NAKAMA’ Application or Inquiry

Kochi Sake Brewers Association
〒780-0843 高知県高知市廿代町15番1号
780-0843 Kochi-ken, Kochi-shi,
Nijudai-machi 15#1